St. Da Vinci Huis

I'm an information scientist.

I worked at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Mediastudies (Netherlands) from 1987 till 2009. 

Presently I'm:

  1. IASL Vice President (Association Relations)
  2. Research Fellow at the University of Pretoria, Dept. Information Science, Pretoria, South Africa Formerly Visiting Professor 2001-2012; 
  3. Member of the IFLA School Libraries Section, Standing Committee and Information Coordinator of the Section;
  4. Member of IFLA-IASL Joint Committee;
  5. Member of KNVI;
  6. Chair of ‘Stichting het Da Vinci Huis’;
  7. Member of the Editorial Board of Revista Română de Biblioteconomie şi Ştiinţa Informării (Romanian Review of Library and Information Science);
  8. Member of the ICT Literacy Editorial Board (MERLOT) California State University, USA

  9. Member of the Editoral Board of Libri (International Journal of Libraries and Information Studies)


Contact: albertkb@gmail.com

On:  Linkedin

Op deze pagina's vind u gegevens over mijzelf en mijn werkzaamheden. Voor recente activiteiten zie 'Other activities' op de CV pagina

On these pages you'll find information on myself and my activities. For recent activities see 'Other activities' on the CV page.

Nestas páginas você vai encontrar informações sobre mim e minhas actividades. Para as atividades recentes visite 'Other activities' a pagina CV



  • Without materials nothing exists
  • Without energy nothing happens
  • Without information nothing makes sense
To survive and develop, in each social context people create, process, store and disseminate data, information and knowledge with available ICT, which include persons, information channels and information media, and should be done in an ethical way. 

Last update 6-4-2016